4 Quick Tips to Make Home Videos Look Professional

Photo by Ardalan Hamedani on Unsplash

1. Get the Proper Lighting in Place

Think about the lighting in the room where you want to shoot the video. Too much or too little light can make it difficult for the viewer to see you. Sitting with your back to a window or bright light source can negatively impact the quality of the video by giving you a harsh silhouette effect. Whenever possible, sit facing the window or light source to ensure your face is well illuminated and clearly visible. For additional lighting tips, check out 5 Lighting Tips for Making At-Home Videos Look Great.

2. Use a Background That Isn’t Distracting

People will be treated to the view of whatever is behind you, so it’s important you record in a clean and professional environment to minimize distractions as much as possible. A simple, bright colored background is an ideal place to record your video. Background ideas: A bookshelf, office, bright colored wall or clean open space like a dinner room or living room. Plants are always a nice touch to add to the video. If possible, remove any clutter or extra items from view to give the video a super clean look. Avoid recording in a bedroom with a bed in the background.

3. Find the Proper Camera Position

It’s important people can clearly see your entire face. Whenever possible, position the camera at eye level and close enough to you that your face and upper torso fill the middle third of your screen.

4. Look directly into the camera and smile

Maintain eye contact during the video by looking directly at the camera, not at your computer screen. Make sure all background noise is kept to a minimum. Speak in a natural, relaxed and friendly tone and don’t forget to smile!




Content Director for a Marketing Agency based in Austin, TX. Also, do video production and photography in my free time.

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

Content Director for a Marketing Agency based in Austin, TX. Also, do video production and photography in my free time.

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